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What is a Pincode?

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post. In India, the Pin-code is 6 digits long. First digit means region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code. India has a total of nine PIN zones.

Hapur Pincode / Post Office Search (GHAZIABAD, Uttar Pradesh)

Achheja B.O 245101HapurUttar Pradesh
Alamnagar B.O 245208HapurUttar Pradesh
Alipur B.O 245201HapurUttar Pradesh
Anwarpur B.O 245304HapurUttar Pradesh
Asaura B.O 245101HapurUttar Pradesh
Athsaini B.O 245205HapurUttar Pradesh
Atola B.O 245101HapurUttar Pradesh
Atrauli B.O 245304HapurUttar Pradesh
Babugarh S.O 245201HapurUttar Pradesh
Bachhlota B.O 245201HapurUttar Pradesh
Bagarpur B.O 245205HapurUttar Pradesh
Bahadurgarh S.O 245208HapurUttar Pradesh
Bajhera Kalan B.O 245101HapurUttar Pradesh
Bajhera Khurd B.O 245304HapurUttar Pradesh
Bankhanda B.O 245201HapurUttar Pradesh
Bhadola B.O 245304HapurUttar Pradesh
Bhadsiyana B.O 245208HapurUttar Pradesh
Bhaina Dholpur B.O 245205HapurUttar Pradesh
Bhatiyana B.O 245101HapurUttar Pradesh
Bhojpur B.O 245304HapurUttar Pradesh
Bihuni B.O 245205HapurUttar Pradesh
Chajarsi B.O 245304HapurUttar Pradesh
Chamri B.O 245101HapurUttar Pradesh
Chhajupur B.O 245101HapurUttar Pradesh
Churiyala B.O 201201HapurUttar Pradesh
Dadri B.O 245101HapurUttar Pradesh
Dahana B.O 245101HapurUttar Pradesh
Dehpa Azampur B.O 245304HapurUttar Pradesh
Dehra Rampur B.O 245205HapurUttar Pradesh
Dhanaura B.O 245101HapurUttar Pradesh
Doohri B.O 245304HapurUttar Pradesh
Dotai B.O 245205HapurUttar Pradesh
Farid Nagar B.O 245304HapurUttar Pradesh
Gandu Nagla B.O 245205HapurUttar Pradesh
Garh Bridge Halt S.O 245205HapurUttar Pradesh
Garh Town S.O 245208HapurUttar Pradesh
Ghungrala B.O 245101HapurUttar Pradesh
Girdharpur Tmrel B.O 245101HapurUttar Pradesh
Gohra Alamgirpur B.O 245101HapurUttar Pradesh
Govindpuri S.O 201201HapurUttar Pradesh
Gyan Lok S.O 245101HapurUttar Pradesh
Haidarpur B.O 245205HapurUttar Pradesh
Hapur H.O 245101HapurUttar Pradesh
Hapur Mandi S.O 245101HapurUttar Pradesh
Harsinghpur B.O 245101HapurUttar Pradesh
Hoshdarpur Garhi B.O 245201HapurUttar Pradesh
I.E.Hapur S.O 245101HapurUttar Pradesh
Iklahdi B.O 245101HapurUttar Pradesh
Jharina B.O 245205HapurUttar Pradesh
Kalchina B.O 245304HapurUttar Pradesh
Kanya Kalyanpur B.O 245201HapurUttar Pradesh
Kastala B.O 245304HapurUttar Pradesh
Kathikhera B.O 245101HapurUttar Pradesh
Kharkhari B.O 245101HapurUttar Pradesh
Khera B.O 245304HapurUttar Pradesh
Luhari B.O 245205HapurUttar Pradesh
Madarsa Sadat B.O 245101HapurUttar Pradesh
Mahmoodpur B.O 245101HapurUttar Pradesh
Mathurawali B.O 245101HapurUttar Pradesh
Matnaurs B.O 245201HapurUttar Pradesh
Modi Nagar S.O 201204HapurUttar Pradesh
Mubarikpur B.O 245207HapurUttar Pradesh
Mukeempur B.O 245304HapurUttar Pradesh
Nagola B.O 245304HapurUttar Pradesh
Nali Husainpur B.O 245201HapurUttar Pradesh
Nan B.O 245101HapurUttar Pradesh
Nanpur B.O 245205HapurUttar Pradesh
Nek Nanpur Nanai B.O 245208HapurUttar Pradesh
Phagota B.O 245101HapurUttar Pradesh
Phuldehra B.O 245207HapurUttar Pradesh
Raghunathpur B.O 245101HapurUttar Pradesh
Rajethi B.O 245207HapurUttar Pradesh
Rampur Puth B.O 245101HapurUttar Pradesh
Rasulpur B.O 245201HapurUttar Pradesh
Rly Road Hapur S.O 245101HapurUttar Pradesh
Rori B.O 201201HapurUttar Pradesh
Sadullapur B.O 245205HapurUttar Pradesh
Saidpur B.O 201201HapurUttar Pradesh
Sakhpur B.O 245201HapurUttar Pradesh
Salarpur B.O 245205HapurUttar Pradesh
Samaipur B.O 245304HapurUttar Pradesh
Sapnawat B.O 245101HapurUttar Pradesh
Sara B.O 201201HapurUttar Pradesh
Sharpur B.O 245208HapurUttar Pradesh
Shyampur Jatt B.O 245205HapurUttar Pradesh
Sikhera B.O 245207HapurUttar Pradesh
Simbhaoli S.O 245207HapurUttar Pradesh
Talhata B.O 201201HapurUttar Pradesh
Tatarpur B.O 245201HapurUttar Pradesh
Tyori B.O 245304HapurUttar Pradesh
Upera B.O 245201HapurUttar Pradesh
Wait B.O 245207HapurUttar Pradesh